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PMLP00: A general introduction to small molecule mass spectrometry

29—30th April 2019

Building on the success of the ever popular NMSF Summer Schools and the RSC accredited LC-MS Taught Masters course, we are proud to be able to offer this 2-day short course as a detailed introduction to mass spectrometry.

This module will enable students to gain knowledge of the basic concepts of small molecule mass spectrometry including typical instrumentation, linking to modern separation techniques, principles of valid analytical measurement and instrument maintenance, spectral interpretation, and the basis of modern applications such as, compound identification by generating a characteristic mass ‘fingerprint’ for the chemical structure and compound quantitation.

  • Instrumentation (relevant for small molecule mass spectrometry): atmospheric pressure ionization techniques and interfaces, mass analyzers (e.g. time-of-flight, quadrupole), and data acquisition.
  • Interpretation of the mass spectrum: fragmentation patterns, isotopes and mass measurement.
  • General instrument operation.
  • Facilities of the mass spectrometer: ion fragmentation, ion activation, collisionally activated dissociation (CAD), tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS).
  • Rules of fragmentation for molecules (concept of charge localization). Quantitation of compounds.
  • Valid analytical measurement (VAM) initiative for mass spectrometry.
Price£750 per person (lunches included).
Course CodePMLP00
Course TitleA general introduction to small molecule mass spectrometry
Dates29—30th April 2019
LocationSwansea University (Singleton Campus)
+44(0)1792 295553

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