Mass Spectrometry Summer School

Who is it for?

Anyone who knows nothing-to-little about mass spectrometry and wants to learn more.

When and where?

There are currently no plans to hold a Summer School course, but if you are interested in training please visit our National Training Centre page, as we can offer courses tailored to your specific needs.

Course Content:
  • Basics of Mass Spectrometry,
  • Interpretation of mass spectra,
  • Ionisation techniques and mass analysers,
  • Introductions to GC-MS and LC-MS, and
  • Instrument demonstrations

Here's a fraction of the feedback from 2017 delegates

Quite interesting, I’ve learned more about accurate mass determination and I’ve enjoyed the LCMS course. I can’t wait to put the different advice into practice.

Stephanie Guetchueng Tamdem,

Liverpool John Moores University

Really useful and covered a wide range of mass analysis techniques; talks were clear and organised in a logical order with useful information.

Mohammed Alkattan,

The University of Edinburgh

I found it extremely useful as I can interpret mass spectra better.

Eleni Dimitriou,

Keele University

Good all rounder for a novice in mass spec.

Chester Blackburn,

Bangor University

The Summer School is really useful and interesting.

Weitao Sun,

Queen Mary University of London

I found it very useful.

Annelies Voorhaar,

University of Leicester

Really enjoyed the summer school. The mass spec interpretation tutorials were really useful.

Claire Price,

Swansea University

I liked the video and animations showing what actually happens inside the machine.

Ross Arthurs,

University of East Anglia

Here's a fraction of the feedback from 2016 delegates

A "must do" for every postgraduate.

Federico Casarsa,

University of Bath

Helpful in making decisions about best techniques for our compounds, tutorials were great.

Shona Rhydderch,

University of Aberdeen

A course that gives you everything you need to tackle your mass spec problems.

Chris Turnbull,

Manchester Metropolitan University

All lectures were very clear and well presented, good balance between lectures and tutorials.

Anna Stejskalova,

Imperial College London

The Summer School was fabulous, well organized with magnificently flowing lectures. Each of the lectures was broadcast with intuitive expertise and mirrored with useful images.

John Morgan,

London Metropolitan University

Very informative, excellent resources and knowledgeable speakers.

Fahima Idiris,

Queen Mary University of London

Learnt a lot for different techniques, good theoretical information and practical sessions.

Regina Khayrullina,

Swansea University

Great course, excellent speakers (knowledgeable and very friendly), a lot of material covered in good time and good amount of practical examples. Very detailed and extremely useful.

Selena Sephton,

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

Here's a fraction of the feedback from 2015 delegates

Well planned, well organised with lots of available resources.

Lauren Turner,

University of Hull

Very good - talks and tutorials help clarifying all the concepts. Excellent course.

Maria Diana Castro,

Glasgow University

It was wonderful experience, go so much knowledge, great presentations/tutorial sessions.

Kashif Khan,

Liverpool John Moores University

Friendly staff, answered lots of my questions which helps with my job at Cardiff. Good knowledge about everything.

Tom Williams,

Cardiff University

I now feel I can interpret mass spectra much more confidently. I also have a better understanding of each technique and when each should be applied. Overall, a very rewarding experience.

Andrew Neal,

University of St Andrews

The summer school managed to fit in a useful mix of theory and practical tutorial work led by a range of skilled and knowledgeable presenters – very helpful!

Helen Phillips,

Manchester Metropolitan University

NMSF Summer School shows the exact way of analysing the mass spectrum. It’s really improved the knowledge about mass spec.

Sunil Mathur,

Edinburgh Napier University

Good training regarding mass spec interpretation and analysis of spectra. Different types of ionisation methods well covered as well.

Antonio Martnez,

University of Strathclyde

Here's a fraction of the feedback from 2014 delegates

Got to know many things that need to be considered both theoretical and practical aspects.

Ranga Prabhath,

University of Surrey

Really good presentations.

Nicolo Scalacci,

Northumbria University

Good combinations of presentations and problems.

Christine Edwards,

Robert Gordon University

Excellent notes − act as a good refresher for undergraduate learning and also further understanding. Very good presentations − good visual aids in PowerPoints.

Jonathan Lowe,

Northumbria University

Good focus on the mass spec theory. Quite intense but we have the material available to review as necessary. Practical session on pump/sources very useful. LC workshop excellent. Good range of information covered. Lots to think about.

Simon Waller,

Cardiff University

It was very informative and helpful with very friendly staff and people who were willing to help with anything.

Robin Hicks,

Cardiff University

It was a great experience meeting the NMSF team and learning so much from them. It was all good in general.

Mehrafarin Dehkordi,

University of Bath

It showed me ways in which I can improve the precision and sensitivity of my method and easy things that can be really helpful for good practise. It was a little bit of all the fields, which was useful for me.

Irene Suarez,

University of Glasgow

Here's a fraction of the feedback from 2013 delegates

Very useful. Helped understand a number of queries I had.

Dolly Jacob,

De Montfort University

The order of presentations and tutorials kept everyone focussed. I would recommend to everyone.

Jennifer Wallis,

Newcastle University

Learned several new things about analysing data (my top priority). Also, every staff member was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Andrei Dragan,

University of Strathclyde

I found the school very informative at facilitating my understanding of spectrometry. It was good to be taught by experts.

Michael Austin,

University of East Anglia

I have learned lots over the past few days. The Summer School was excellent!

Stephanie Morton,

Newcastle University

Good quality of material provided, tutorials were useful. Very nice staff and well organised.

Justyna Gawel,

University of Glasgow

Interesting that spectra can be used to calculate so many things.

Karen Elvers,

University of Bristol

Very comprehensive, excellent presentations, staff very helpful. Course booklet will be useful reference guide for future. Always nice to meet and compare notes with other researchers. Excellent coverage from basics to more specialised areas.

Chris Morgan,

Cardiff University