RemoteAnalyzer Sample Submission Portal

Upon submission of samples to the EPSRC UK NMSF you are agreeing to Acknowledge the work performed by the EPSRC UK NMSF in any resulting publication using the following text:

"the EPSRC UK National Mass Spectrometry Facility at Swansea University"

The sample submission portal allows our customers to submit samples, monitor the progress of their samples and allow the NMSF to store the sample results, for raw data and processed data (currently PDF).

Raw data files, or folder structures, maybe compressed to a .7z file to save storage space and increase download speeds. In order to open .7z files or to learn more please visit: For Windows, for Mac OS X and for Linux

RemoteAnalyzer, is developed by SpectralWorks Ltd.

The following documents relate to submitting samples via the RemoteAnalyzer portal:

Instrument Status


All instruments are Online. Maintenance is not scheduled for this week.